About Our Shop

Vintage Reproduction Racing Posters was born from an old 1950 Waukegan Speedway program I stumbled across at an antique mall located in Wisconsin. It was one of my favorite race tracks, now long gone to development, and it had very cool cover art. The more I looked at it the more I thought I had to do something with it.

Being a printer by trade, I had access to get some posters printed. There was very strong interest in where I got the poster from, but it did something else... everybody who saw it had a great story to tell from the old speed plant. The poster brought back their great memories. After taking inventory of all the closed race tracks in the Chicagoland area, going thru my large vintage racing memorabilia, I had the resources to do something. Reproduce racing posters the old style placard way.

The response has been very good. Everyone seems to have a story to tell from their favorite track. The memories were coming back. The posters were doing what I wanted them to do, bring back the past and get the stories told.

All the posters are designed by me, Ken Forster Jr. I've had the chance to work on sprint cars and dirt late models at race tracks through out the midwest. I understand racing and racers. I know what it's like to want to class up the shop or trailer with a print or go racing. Poster or new right rear? Priced very affordable, I give you the option to do both. One rule I will never break, I will not print anything I would not buy myself. If I don't like it, why would you? At Vintage Reproduction Racing Posters we're bring back the past to keep the memories alive!

See you at the races!